School Workbook Depicts The Abuse of a Dog & Netizens Believe It Sends The Wrong Message to Children

source: The Standard

Recently, cases of animal abuse have been heightening in Malaysia for no understandable reason and it is honestly a cause for concern. From the abuse of stray cats to farm and park animals, it seems that empathy towards these gentle creatures is fading which is ultimately alarming many netizens as well as animal rights associations.

A few months ago, the Malaysian Animal Association even announced a RM10,000 reward for anyone who had information on the culprit who heinously set a kitten on fire. This even caught the attention of PETA who offered assistance in the investigation.

With these cases persisting, it’s even more unfortunate and disappointing to see an illustration depicting animal abuse included in a school workbook meant to be used to teach Malay language to young impressionable minds.

Ermmm… cemana ni?? dlm buku teks sekolah pun dok ngajar yg bukan2

Nota PH : macamana bole lepas ayat cam gini utk…

Posted by ‎ك KAKIMOTONG ك FAN CLUB‎ on Saturday, October 17, 2020

Facebook user KakimotongFanClub posted the image above with the caption that reads, “How can this be? They’re teaching school children things that should not be. How can this sentence be approved? This is why youths throw rocks at innocent dogs because their textbooks are written this way.”

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this…

School is meant to shape children to be civilised and virtuous human beings so they can positively contribute to society once they are older. By including images depicting abuse towards harmless animals, it sends the complete opposite message.

In a majority Muslim country, dogs are already seen as taboo and dirty. Whilst some may argue that this drawing is innocuous, it actually amplifies the message that it is okay to throw rocks or harm dogs in any way. To continue to sell these kinds of illustrations in workbooks is to attempt to erase the progress we’ve made towards accepting men’s best friend and caring for them as we would stray cats.

With the many stories of a dog’s valiance permeating social media, it’s crucial to stop distributing the inverse message, especially to young children.

If you’ve witnessed animal abuse of any kind and would like to make a report, click here.