Loyal Dog Visits Showroom Every Day & Becomes Official Hyundai Team Member With Employee ID

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(Source: Borak Daily)

We all know the drill. As for humans being a loyal customer to a company will only get you a discount code or a voucher at the end of the day. However, if you’re an animal, you’ll probably be given the opportunity to become part of the family, like this pooch here.

(Source: Borak Daily)

Recently, a dog in Brazil was hired to be an official team member in the iconic automotive company, Hyundai, after visiting the company’s outlet almost every day, and taking care of it too.

Since this particular dog has managed to show its loyalty and obedience to the store, the showroom’s officers have taken it in and given the dog a tag with its picture on it (just to make things official). Apart from that, the now first Hyundai-animal team member was also given a place to stay and food.

(Source: Borak Daily)

We hope that the dog will sell a lot of cars and keep future customers happy and satisfied. At the very least, he’ll be able to inform customers which tyres are best to pee on…

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