Animated Series ‘Kisah Bawah Tanah’ is M’sia’s First Cartoon That’s Not Made for Kids

Kisah Bawah Tanah is poised to enchant audiences of all ages, reshaping how animated content is perceived in Southeast Asia.

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Malaysian Film and Cannes Critics’ Week Grand Prix Winner ‘Tiger Stripes’ Releasing in October

Amanda Nell Eu’s debut feature film, Tiger Stripes, will be screened in Malaysian cinemas this October after its triumphant run in the international film festival circuit.


Why Is Thiamidol Trending & How Does It Help Your Skin? Here’s What You Need To Know

This ingredient can help reduce and prevent dark spots.


BTS Exhibition ‘B★VERSE’ Will Be Making Its First Southeast Asian Stop in Malaysia

Proudly presented by Seni Jaya, the ‘B★VERSE’ exhibition world tour will be a spectacular treat for K-POP enthusiasts in Malaysia.


DBKL’s 25% Entertainment Tax on Live Performances May Do More Harm Than Good

ALIFE has urgently called for a comprehensive review of the Entertainment Tax on Live Performances imposed by DBKL.