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Ramadhan Kareem! Let’s Learn To Coexist!

Let’s make the best out of this holy month


Wait… Jaime Lannister Has Two Hands Now?

Jaime Lannister: Kingslayer and Arms Grower.


Minty-fresh or Spicy-tang? Hot Pot Flavoured Toothpaste Sells Out In China

Whats worse? Morning breath or Hot Pot breath?


Thai University Will Have Classes On Marijuana History and Farming

Class is in session lah brader!


Man Orders Child Sex-Doll To Replace His Dead Infant Son

Did you really think you could fool us like this?


Facebook is Playing Cupid with its New Dating Feature

Tinder who? Never heard of her.

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Pretty Privilege: The Millennial Magnet for Job Opportunities

Don’t hate me ‘cos I’m beautiful… hate me ‘cos I take advantage of it


New Affordable Tech-Savvy Boutique Hotel Will Open In Bukit Bintang

Make this hotel your new destination!