Malaysia Animal Association Is Targeting The Group Of Men Who Fed Beer To A Goat

source: Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

While it’s kind of funny to see cats being playfully slapped with cheese across their faces, feeding animals dangerous food or harming them on purpose is definitely an offence and should never be tolerated.

Just last week, some monkeys and other wildlife were found shot with arrows. Now, Malaysia Animal Association is on the lookout for a group of men who fed a goat a can of beer.

Yes, beer – something that a goat should definitely not drink.

The Malaysia Animal Association shared the clip on their Facebook page, asking for information about the group of young men seen in the video.

source: Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

The animal-rights NGO believes that it took place in Malaysia based on the cars seen in the video. Even further evidence is the noticeable “Hey, kambing” said by one of the men. Their Facebook caption read,

“Feeding alcohol to goats is considered animal cruelty as it’s wrong for their diet and just not suitable for the animal. This is considered abuse.”

source: Malaysia Animal Association (Facebook)

“Family and friends of the young men in the video should come forward with complete information on where and when this happened to Malaysia Animal Association WhatsApp Hotline +6011-20901097.

If you have any information, do contact their hotline. Animal cruelty should never be left unpunished and we must learn to respect the health and safety of these innocent creatures.