Animal Association Offering Up To RM10,000 As Reward For Information On Killer Who Set Kitten On Fire

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Trigger warning: Graphic animal abuse

source: The Standard

Unfortunately, monsters like these do exist…

In a recent viral video, which I will not show due to its extremely graphic and upsetting nature (but you can search it up), a kitten was set ablaze in what appears to be a park of some sort. The assailant poured gasoline over the kitten before lighting the kitten’s fur, immediately causing it to set on fire. Wails of the kitten were heard in the video as it burned to death.

Naturally, this caused outrage within the community which led to serious investigation on who the kitten killer is. As of right now, The Malaysian Animal Association is offering a generous RM3,000 to RM10,000 as a reward to anyone who can come forward and disclose information on the killer.

So far, the only piece of information available is that the incident happened in Pahang. The association is calling for everyone to reach out via Whatsapp at 011-20901097 if you have any information.

source: The Vocket

There seems to be an unsettling upsurge in animal abuse towards cats in Malaysia lately, as well as irresponsible pet owners dumping their cats at markets during MCO. Let’s hope it’s all a coincidence and not part of a bigger, more concerning issue.

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