Harith Iskander Adopts Adorable 2-Legged Doggo Despite Comments About ‘Hukum’

(source: The Vocket)

Recently, stand-up comedian, Harith Iskander posted on Instagram about his new family addition, a special two-legged dog named Marvela!

Harith’s family found out about the adorable doggo through Nurul Ain Hamid who is an avid animal lover that has her own animal shelter that prioritises helping injured animals. Harith said his wife Dr Jezamine Lim and him were so touched by the dog’s story that they decided to adopt it.

The 53-year-old artiste wrote, “This two-legged wonder-dog is named Marvela. She was rescued two years ago by @nurullainabdulhamid who (despite being advised to ‘put the animal down’) cared for her… and today she is a healthy beautiful and friendly doggy.”


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“After much discussion with Nurul we all agreed on a ‘Foster home’ arrangement where Marvela will come stay with us and we will bring her back to be with her saviour every month. So now I’m a happy daddy to 3 kids, 2 cats (one partially blind) and a wonder dog,” he continued.

Despite his good intention, the father of three said he had been getting messages in the form of advice by those who questioned the issue of hukum or rule about keeping and touching dogs. Some Malaysians even left harsh comments about it under the post.

(source: The Vocket)

One user said, “Haram means haram even if it’s for a picture. There’s no need for Ustaz & Ustazah to tell you that, unless the dog itself needs to be rescued. When people advise you, you act “cool”. If your argument is to say that its Allah’s creation – go ahead and look after a pig too.”

Now, before you get mad, many came into Harith’s defence too.

(source: The Vocket)

Meanwhile, Nurul posted on her Instagram page and said that she is grateful that Harith and his family are willing to share their love with their first dog. She was also given the opportunity to visit Marvela whenever she wished as promised by Harith.

“Although dogs are hated by certain parts of our society, Alhamdullilah there are still many more who loves them. Whereas in Islam, we are taught to be kind to all animals,” she urged.

Nurul also stated that Marvela has been bullied and beaten by a previous owner before it was rescued. She ends her post by saying that she hopes more people would be more kind and helpful towards unlucky animals – just like what Harith did!

With that being said, adopt, don’t shop! We wish Marvela a good life with Harith and his family.

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