Saudi Arabia Shocks The World By Opening Up It’s Very Own Dog-Friendly Cafe

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The issue of keeping dogs when you’re of Muslim faith has been a highly polarising and debatable topic, regardless of where you are in the world. While various religious authorities have spoken out against the preconception in Malaysia, the taboo still exists.

However, Saudi Arabia, a country rapidly progressing towards modernity, has managed to turn heads after opening the country’s very first dog cafe called The Barking Lot.

(Source: FMT News)

The Barking Lot opened its doors to dog lovers in June, within the city of Khobar and it has become a place for pet owners to finally take their pets out for some fresh air since there aren’t many places for it.

Besides being just a cafe where dogs can sit with their owners at peace as they get a coffee in public, the cafe also offers special grooming services by appointment for not just dogs but cats too. Sorry hoomans!

According to FMT, the owner of The Barking Lot, Dalal Ahmed, was inspired to open the cafe after visiting the kingdom with his dog. During his visit, his pet was not allowed to walk on the beach with him. Saddened by this, he decided to create a safe haven for our furry friends.

The idea of a dog cafe in Saudi Arabia might seem very controversial but it’s definitely a brand new start for the public to start acknowledging dogs as loving creatures rather than a taboo.

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