The La Senza Happy Hour Clearance Sale!

Hey Girls, it’s time to stock up on all your under apparel needs at the La Senza Largest Happy Hour Sale tomorrow (Thurs, 12 July 2012)! The sale will start at 6pm and will last until 10pm tomorrow.


Sonnymoon: A Force That Comes in Peace

Ethereal aliens Sonnymoon makes music you’d imagine tripping to before you reach some sort of self-actualisation epiphany.


Win 5 Pairs of VIP Passes to Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Great Britain Party @ Penang

We got 5 pairs of VIP passes to Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Great Britain party happening in Penang this 4 August 2012.


YouTube Sensation Karmin Goes Platinum

Karmin’s fame sky-rocketed when they posted their rendition of Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’. They strike yet again with ‘Brokenhearted’.


The Digital Polaroid

From Polaroid, here comes the Z2300; the instant camera for the digital age.


We Were Evergreen: Evergreen They Still Are

We Were Evergreen is a band made up from a trio of Parisians. Their quirky musical lyrics and use of playful instruments sets them apart from many other bands who are both in the Indie and Mainstream.


The World’s Guide According to… Kristina Djarling?

A woman who looks at today’s apparent decay of society. Plus, her perception of what Gaga is doing to youth of the world. Also, she’s stupid.


Talks For Better City Living

Poskod, the city’s voice within cyberspace, seeks to educate the Malaysian community on the richness of our urban landscapes and culture; and at the same time, make us aware of the abilities and ideas that we, the public, has to make it better.


What Went Down: The Jezabels Live @ The Bee, Publika

Even though The Jezabels aren’t as mainstream as other big contenders, they were better than some of the bigger acts who had been here recently.


Get Tangled in Jamie Parisio

A new contributor to the singer/songwriter community. This London boy is someone to look out for.