Talks For Better City Living

Being a fast and moving city, Kuala Lumpur has a lot to offer to not just the world, but her general public as well. Providing them with the necessary opportunities for better living, this country’s capital has proven to be the centripetal force of our metropolitan lifestyle.

However, despite the city’s contributions to modern lifestyle, there are many among the public who agree that this city still needs to lend itself an inner perspective from the populace. Poskod, a Malaysian website that dedicates itself to the awareness of KL’s locally overlooked nooks and crannies, notices this and takes it upon themselves to call upon the community to educate themselves of the city.

Their campaign, #BetterKL, launched in 2011, seeks to serve that purpose; to bring people together, to look within themselves and be conscious about what they can do for their city and what their city can do for them. Their concern for the city brought to fruition their decision to act rather than just speak about it. By establishing this campaign, Poskod’s dream of reinventing Kuala Lumpur’s cityscapes through her own community could very well see the light of the day.

Since the campaign’s creation, the website has arranged a series of talks, entitled Poskod Talks, to get together the city’s entities (be it individuals, groups, or organisations) in a discussion of their plans and actions for the betterment of our urban culture. Not just through civil philosophies, but spaces as well.

Currently running its fourth instalment, Poskod Talks: Rejuvenating Suburbs, Poskod keeps its online community valid by ensuring that constant conversation and communication could help make things a reality. Let’s get Kuala Lumpur talking, people.

For more information on Poskod, click here. And for details of Poskod Talks 4: Rejuvenating Suburbs check out our event listing.