The Digital Polaroid

Okay, so we all know that technology has done every possible spin on the old classics; the mp3 plaer as the new Walkman, the computer as the new typewriter. So is it really a surprise that Polaroid produced the first digital instant camera? It’s about time, really.

With yet another modification to the well-loved digital camera design, Polaroid’s Z2300 features 10 megapixel capabilities, with HD video support and an additional benefit of a 3 inch LCD screen that pops open to reveal a space for 2×3 inches of ZINK’s premium quality photo paper. So what you have is basically a camera, a video camera and a digital printer all wrapped up in one small, appealing and compact package, which, we might add, comes in two colours.

Additionally, this revolutionary device doesn’t just give you the option to print your pictures, but what pictures you want to print and how. Having an extendable memory of up to 32GB, this camera allows you the benefit of selecting the best of your shots, edit it to your fancy (with border options) and print it instantly. Unlike the classic Polaroid, you are given option to not waste your printed paper, printing what you feel like and when you feel like it. There is no waiting needed; pictures will be produced in less than a minute with clear crystal colours, modified to fit the printed product. And if you’re still a fan of the old school look, it also gives you the option to produce your photos with the classic Polaroid guise.

The Polaroid Z2300 digital instant camera will be available for pre-order or purchase from Polaroid’s website in mid-August at the cost of USD $159.99. Ten sheets of the new premium ZINK Photo Paper is available on set purchase, but additional cost applies for extra papers.