The Lighthouse and The Whaler: Venician Stroll

As if they’re the brainchild of Train, Dave Matthews Band and The Beatles (that concoction sounds all kinds of wrong), The Lighthouse and the Whaler is a monstrosity that is so amazingly good that it almost seems wrong.


What Went Down: MODA & Samsung @ Pavilion KL

The Malaysian Official Design Association & Samsung have joined together to bring about a revolutionary fashion design showcase… for phones!


Sultan KL: Pocket Panache

Pockets have never looked more chic than it is with local brand Sultan KL.


What Went Down: Glenmorangie Tasting Session @ Stage KL

Although it was a closed event, holding a limited number of spaces, the night still manage to bring together those who had nothing more but enthusiasm and affinity to the tastes and sensations that the brand had to offer.


London’s Party Places

The hottest clubs and bars in London


What Went Down: Art of The Sea: Graffiti, Pop & Contemporary Marine Art Show @ PWTC

Canvas of Nature did an amazing job in getting what they wanted out in the open and known. They provided amazing art, stupendously brilliant art shows and an opportunity to those who would, otherwise, not be given a second thought in society.


Bihzhu: The Nightingale Sings

Singer-songwriter Bihzu is one of those artists that has clear, crisp vocals, which sings about the beauty life brings without being too overly nauseous or smug about it.



If you ever get tired of the loud music and just want to find a place to hang, then Suka would be your joint.


Dukes & Duchess

Located near the end of a row of shop houses on Lorong Rahim Kajai 14 in TTDI, Dukes & Duchess prove to be the first of its kind and fairly new to the F&B business. Even so, it doesn’t stop them from doing what they do, the best way they know how in order to build a name among their clientele.


Win Exclusive Invites to the Glenmorangie Tasting Session!

Glenmorangie is, single handedly, the world’s most delicious and complex single malt whiskey. With its tantalizing blend of aromas and flavours, this enticing spirit originated from the Scottish Highlands since 1843 and has since won countless awards including ‘Innovator Of The Year’ two years running by Whisky Magazine. JUICE has ten (10) pairs of exclusive invitations to the Glenmorangie […]