The World’s Guide According to… Kristina Djarling?

We at JUICE believe in the freedom of self-expression. Therefore, we believe that people like Kristina Djarling has just as good of a right to express her perception of the world’s current societal discourse as much as the next person — bigoted dumbass or not.

Her video ‘Puppet for the World’s Elite’ brings forth the issue of how endorsing current media, would eventually lead the younger generation to be a controlled entity for the world’s high rollers. She claims that they are in danger of submitting to a life that promotes no morals, no compassion and no intelligent thought that could uphold positive values.

She even goes as far as to comment on pop sensation Lady Gaga, stating that she “is the worst role model for young people today. She is a puppet for the world’s elite who wants to control every part of people’s lives and she is breaking every existing boundary. People would normally be put in a mental hospital for the kind of behavior she exhibits in the name of ‘art’”.

It’s a fair enough that she has her own view points on society’s current decay of morality, but in doing so, does that give her a right to sit on a personally defined pedestal and judge the actions of others? Or is she only speaking the truth? Who are we trying to kid by being objective though, she’s one of many conservative conspiracy theorists who probably spent too much time on hack-job media watch site Vigilant Citizen.

See for yourself and decide. And whether you agree with her stand or decide to move to the opposite pole to the woman’s belief, it would be your own individual choice of how you prefer to see the world.

For more on Kristina Djarling visit her facebook page.