YouTube Sensation Karmin Goes Platinum

If you’ve heard the word ‘Cheerio’ in a song that sounded like an infusion of pop, dance and hip hop, then you’ve heard Karmin. The group, made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, are the newest sensation that hit the airwaves for the past year. The two made it as a YouTube sensation when they posted a cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look At Me Now’, which featured Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Wayne. With Heidemann busting out rhymes at the speed of Japan’s state-of-the-art bullet train, it’s no wonder why the video went viral overnight; people were too amazed to keep it to themselves. The song strummed 3 million hits within the first week of its post, proving to be one of the fastest music-based video to get the attention of a worldwide audience.

Making a name for themselves, this engaged power couple had been featured on many a shows; from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

With their single, ‘Brokenhearted’, which premiered in the beginning of this year, the duo has set yet another trap for the audience, pulling them into a deeper love for their sound-bites and “adorkable” pop swagger; a genre that synthesises rap-dance-pop, according to the group. The song has managed to stay in the top ten list of hits in the US and has recently gone platinum. With their new EP, Hello, JUICE is expecting a lot more surprises from these guys.

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