We Were Evergreen: Evergreen They Still Are

Made up of French trio Michael Liot, Fabeinne Débarre and William Serfass, We Were Evergreen is a band whose music allows a smile to be inserted into your day. With whimsical lines and a story to tell behind each of their songs, their compositions do a little more than add a skip and a hop in your walking routines. It allows you to see beyond the dancing notes and fancies, giving the ability to step into a world constructed with their lyrics and listening to tales that interweaves through the sound of their instruments like watercolours on paper. They’re pretty much bards and minstrels of the 21st century, permitting their listeners to relate to their music as the thought of an everyday person.

The London based band’s formation owes itself to a New Year’s resolution that, unlike many of our own, actually stuck. Combining their love of nursery rhymes and all things pop, their music, although may have an electric type quality every so often, is very much a carrier of the indie pop gene.  The use of toy-like instruments like xylophones, ukuleles, banjos and percussions, would pull on the heartstrings of each of their listener’s inner child and adolescent, bringing in feelings of nostalgia, reminding many of the times of candy canes dipped in flavoured mineral water and vodka.

‘Baby Blue’, being the band’s latest single, is a welcomed edition to the many songs that the three have written and performed. The song is basically the trio’s way of communicating the fact of the obliviousness of people in society and how we are nameless, faceless entities to one another in most given situations.

Other tracks, such as ‘Penguins & Moonboots’, ‘Summer Fling’, and ‘Second Hand’ are among the many stylised arrangements that epitomise this group’s essence.  From the beginning of each note, they hook, grab, and pull you towards them and force you to sit on a crate, surfaced with super glue. But the great thing about it is that you won’t care, because you actually want to be there. Even the artistic valour that their videos comprise of would blow your mind, emulating great impressionism and surrealism pieces in motion picture form.

JUICE recommends that you check them out if you can’t take our word for it. But be warned, if this is your thing, they are addictive.

Check We Were Evergreen out at their website.