What Went Down: The Jezabels Live @ The Bee, Publika

The Bee, Publika witnessed an Australian invasion (of the musical kind, not colonial) on 16 June as The Jezabels brought its inhabitants to an awe. The Sydney-based band gathered an array of colourful audience ready to punch the air with their fists, jump in uncontrollable elation and, in a fairly unusual case, dance like a ballerina high on grandma’s cognac.

But the band’s successful blow out, could only lend thanks to its abiding host. The newly opened restaurant in the area accommodated the gig with close to no glitches and created an atmosphere that was free, easy and happening. The bar-restaurant allowed a huge space to the main area, moving their tables only to replace them with bleachers in a few corners of the room, so people could congregate, chat and mingle amongst each other.

So when it was time for The Jezabels to come on, the crowd was rearing to set off for an extraordinarily crazy musical excursion. The first-time KL performers played an hour and fifteen minute long set, which included songs such as ‘Disco Love Biscuit’, ‘Hurt Me’, ‘Mace Spray’ and other fan favourites. The foursome did their followers justice, as each passing second lent itself to screams and cheers. Even after the show, they were called on again for an encore, which they gladly complied.

The night wasn’t all about them alone though. One titbit worth mentioning is The Impatient Sisters, 1 of JUICE‘s 7 most promising bands featured in our May issue. Showcasing impressive harmonies, abilities to handle unconventional instruments like the xylophone, and the confidence to keep going through a slight technical difficulty, these girls showed the audience that they were worthy enough to warm the stage for the coming performance. Even The Jezabels’ lead vocalist, Hayley Mary, commented that the trio were hands down amazing.

The night ended with a culmination of outstanding music and satisfied customers. The foursome also serviced their supporters by having a small autograph session after the show. All in all, JUICE thinks that the Jezabels did justice to their Malaysian fans. Even though they aren’t as mainstream as other big contenders, they were better than some of the bigger acts who had been here recently.

The Jezabels performed at The Bee, Publika last Saturday 16 June 2012. Find more pictures here.