Sonnymoon: A Force That Comes in Peace

Comprised of Anna Wise and Dane Orr, the Massachusetts band, Sonnymoon, proves to be a single entity that seem to function in a world different from our own. Integrating a mesh of organic and Martian-like sounds in their musical formula, their resonance has a way of affecting the mind, pulling its listener from their own consciousness to discover a dimension that functions in the inner-workings of this duo. And from what they have written on their biography, then you could probably understand that that is their exact intent.

Sonnymoon’s integral form would have to be their cry to separate themselves from society’s dominant rule and to pull together the world’s most age-old forms of masculine and feminine to originate a visage beyond any other; complete and utter dissilience from humanity’s normalcy. With Wise’s melodiously sombre vocals and Orr’s aesthetical and intriguing arrangements, the compositions bring forth the notion that music goes beyond the bounds of our conventional human understanding in its psychedelia.

It’s like what they had written in their profile; they are a force, an alien planet which observed the human race, seeing its contradictions from an outsider’s perspective. They came, looking at the ways we communicate, beyond language, to sync with the “vibrational frequency” of the thought process, submitting wave upon wave of massive genre blends, forcing themselves, albeit rather gently, in the heads of those willing to listen.

With their new self-titled LP released under Plug Research being their first solid mainstream release, the tracks featured jump from being borderline mystical to downright mindboggling. Ones to particularly note are ‘Nothing Thought’, ‘Just Before Dawn’ and ‘Flit, Fleet, Float’, where the two’s most prominent features seem to gently stream together in a soft, silent barrage. The melancholic feel of these songs, begets images of nebulas, red dwarfs, supernovas and solar systems that glide past like an overwhelming planetarium trip, among many other series of unmentionable trips.

As they make great headway in the American indie scene, it isn’t a wonder how the band manages to pull together a wide array of audiences and fans worldwide through various social media sites available such as YouTube, MySpace and SoundCloud. All that we can say is that if Sonnymoon were to claim themselves to be a new breed of prophets, JUICE has no reason to argue.

Sonnymoon’s self-titled albums is available for purchase and download on iTunes. Or to get further entranced by their harmonism check out