WATCH: Calling All Men! This Ad to End Violence Against Women Is Something You Should Show Your Boys

A Global Movement to End Violence against Women in Politics and Public Life
source: E-International Relations

Violence against women comes in many treacherous and horned forms.

From stalking to cyberbullying, revenge porn and even outright murder, violence against women has tragically prevailed through the test of time and modernisation.

As we progress as a nation, it is deeply saddening to see that misogyny has latched itself onto the heart of our society like a parasite – slowing us down and making women feel unsafe to be their true, authentic selves.

No woman wants to become a statistic and no man should ever participate, propagate or perpetuate heinous behaviour towards them.

In this new advertisement produced by Women’s Centre for Change which is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Malaysia, the goal is to show men how cyberbullying and the distribution of lewd images without consent can cause serious harm to the women involved.

The ad is adeptly titled, Gol!

Watch it below:

Making use of the communal feeling of watching the World Cup, the ad shows three men at a mamak as they watch a football match but one of them is obviously distracted by something on their phone.

Instead of calling their friend out for looking at lewd images in public and wanting to share them on social media, the two men remain mute.

It is only after the referee breaks the fourth wall from the television screen to address the man that he finally pays attention.

Change is instigated when the people around you hold you accountable for your actions.

If we continue to allow our friends and family to stay stagnant in their misogyny, we are just as much a part of the problem as they are.

So, speak up and call them out! Watching the World Cup is best experienced together, especially when we are able to share the victories with each other.

The same goes when it comes to ending violence against women. It’s time to shoot our goals.