Mother Of 3 Found Dead In Subang Jaya, Allegedly Due To Cyberbullying On TikTok

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Source: mkini

You never know how much cyberbullying can affect someone’s life until you experience it first hand. What might seem like joking comments and petty remarks could just be someone’s last straw on a bad day.

Shashikala Nadarajah, mother of three, was found dead in her house in Subang Jaya yesterday morning after receiving hateful comments on her TikTok videos about her appearance and bag collection.

@sashikala1978 Replying to @charlie959900 ♬ original sound – Sashikala

The 44-year-old was known on the video platform for discussing topics on homeschooling and maintaining the quality of luxury hand bags.

Rose Veronica, a fellow popular figure on TikTok, told Sinar Daily that Shashikala had been a victim of cyberbullying on her videos for quite some time, and she suspects that was the cause of her death.

@roseveronfdam #imrose #veronacademy rest in peace darling@sashikala1978 ♬ original sound – roseveronica🇲🇾🇬🇧(FDAM)

Veronica has also posted three follow up videos on the matter.

Shashikala’s cause of death remains unconfirmed, a post-mortem will be conducted at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre.

At the time of writing, Shashikala has 32k followers and 384.7k likes on TikTok.

Since the news broke out, the comments section on her recent videos have been flooded with condolences by viewers. Many of the comments stated the distaste of cyberbullying and commending Shashikala for being a strong person despite the hate.

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