WATCH: M’sian Horror Short Goes Viral for Having The Most Surprising Plot Twist

After a night of fun with friends, the time that everyone dreads finally arrives: the lonely walk back to the car.

Stumbling over uneven roads, our vision illuminated only by dim streetlights, anxiety can spike in almost anyone.

When we’re left alone with only our thoughts while facing the few metre walk to the safety of our vehicle, the mind can only race to think of the worst possible scenarios. The most common being…

What if someone’s following us?

A Malaysian horror short recently went viral on Twitter for depicting this exact relatable situation but it comes with a very welcomed yet surprising ending.

Uploaded by Kualitea Productions, this video has since garnered 3.3k retweets and received unanimous praise for its plot twist.

Watch it below:

What’s scarier than a pontianak hitching a ride in the backseat with you in the dead of night?

The answer is clear as day: A man getting in the car with us.

Netizens were tickled to watch the protagonist scream at the sight of the bloody-eyed pontianak before calming down immediately and saying, “Oh, I thought you were a man.”

Completely unfazed, she drives off.

While the short is labelled as horror, it’s actually quite humorous by the end. But despite the joke, it holds a world of truth in its story line.

Every woman in the world – limiting it to just Malaysia would be a grave understatement – knows just how dangerous it is to be alone at night, especially in a deserted area.

Women have had to sit through numerous self-defence lectures and PSAs warning us to be vigilant or to avoid being out at night entirely.

Women have had to hear the phrase, “Your brother can go out, but you must stay at home. Dangerous lah!” too many times that it has become some sort of mantra with parents.

Stalking can be deadly and must be recognised as a crime | The Star
source: The Star

Open letters and bills have been publicised and discussed yet the streets have not felt any safer for us.

I would gamble and say that the reason the short is so well-received is because it shows the lived experiences of every woman in existence.

A ghost? No problem. A man? Fatal.

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