Puteri Balqis’ Heartwarming Picture With Her Mother Leads Netizens To Accuse Her Of Being A Lesbian

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Child actress Puteri Balqis Azizi has been speculated to be a lesbian by netizens after she posted a picture with her mother on Instagram.

Earlier this year, she lodged a police report in response to recent allegations that her father had sexually harassed and physically abused her since she was a child.

Balqis noted that her father was a “deadbeat husband who never actually cared about his wife and child’s well-being”, going on to say that he would shamelessly watch pornographic content at public settings such as at a mamak restaurant with his friends where the group would erupt in laughter, before beckoning Balqis to watch it with them.


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The picture was posted four days ago with the caption, “We’re broken in so many ways, but I piece us back together slowly.”

While some people found the post to be a touching moment between a mother and her daughter, it has since received comments speculating behind her being too close to the same gender.

“Acting like she’s become lesbian already,” an online user commented.

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Balqis spoke out against these claims on her Instagram story, wishing that her mother who was ‘insulted for tattoos’ be blessed by heaven.

“I love my mother who is despised, ridiculed and criticised by people like you every day,” she said.

“May my mother who was insulted for having tattoos, who loved, who taught me about the painful meaning of life be blessed with the highest heaven because of His perseverance.”

Balqis proceeded to limit the comments on her post once it gained more negative attention.