M’sian Influencer Shares Terrifying Scenes After Stalker Live Tweets Breaking Into Her Apartment

(source: IG/TWT @wannursyaira)

For many creative and entrepreneurial users, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube are valuable pathways to career success. While loyal followers on social media are important for influencers, some fans can develop an obsession that unfortunately leads to acts that can be… terrifying.

Just yesterday (2 Sept) evening, a Malaysian influencer and businesswoman was shocked to learn that her office apartment has been broken into by an alleged stalker. She shared about the incident on Instagram and Twitter alongside videos and photos of what the man had wrecked in her unit.


It all started when the influencer noticed that the balcony door was opened while in a Grab downstairs. She immediately called the building’s security to do a check-up and while they were there, the security heard a man screaming from her unit. Fortunately, swift action was taken and police came to apprehend the man.

It was then discovered that some of her belongings including a painting and candles had been thrown out of the window by the man. He even left his boxers after doing a number two in her bathroom, burned her curtains and repeatedly stabbed one of her commissioned paintings.

If that was not scary enough, the man had also disturbed others in the residential area. She said that the stalker claimed that he was going to marry her and made a barber shop downstairs serve him. He even went into a restaurant passing out her paintings as “gifts”.

It was later when she found out that it was the same man who previously had been trying to get her attention by harassing her online. Turns out, the man had been live tweeting while doing all of this. Take a look:

(source: TWT @wannursyaira)

The influencer with 100,000 IG followers exposed the stalker’s full name, face and asked for netizens’ help to locate his whereabouts as she claims that police allegedly did not lock him up despite all the evidence. Besides that, there are no updates from her nor the police on this matter.

Recently, the move to make stalking a crime in Malaysia came after amendments to the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) were tabled for its first reading in Parliament on 4 August. Proposed amendments to the law will make stalking a crime punishable by up to three years in jail and fines, according to The Star.

A study by the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) done just two years ago revealed that a third of Malaysians have experienced acts associated with stalking.

According to their survey titled “Understanding Malaysians’ Experiences of Stalking”, involving 1,008 Malaysians, it reported that one-third had experienced stalking that instilled fear; 17% had experienced stalking resulting in harm and 12% were stalked and threatened with harm.