WATCH: KFC’s Colonel Sanders Gets Sweaty & Spicy in ‘A Recipe For Seduction’ Mini-Movie

source: Flipboard

There’s a new hunk in town, and he’s about to steal yo’ girl with his secret spices and hot bod. Yes, Colonel Sanders is young and sexy in Lifetime channel’s new romance film A Recipe for Seduction.

Lifetime and KFC have partnered up to bring A Recipe for Seduction, an original mini-movie that tells the story of an heiress’ who is struggling to choose a suitor picked by her mother or a handsome chef who “arrives with a secret recipe and a dream.”

The announcement made the internet explode with memes, then people started to give their takes on the movie, saying that it’s just an elaborate commercial instead of an actual movie.

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself:

This isn’t the first bizarre thing KFC has done, the brand’s been known to capture difference audience with their marketing stunts. They’ve made a game simulator, a fried chicken Crocs and more. Even KFC Espanol‘s Twitter account is just one big meme producer itself.

Opinions aside, the mini-movie is expected to be a great “distraction from all things 2020,” said David DeSocio, A+E Networks EVP of ad sales, marketing and partnerships.

Whatever you feel about the film, the network thinks it’s going to be a success because hey, sign me up for a hot Colonel Sanders played by Saved by The Bell‘s star Mario Lopez.

If you plan to have a hot and finger lickin’ good time, A Recipe for Seduction premieres on Lifetime channel on 13 December 2020 at 12 pm (1 am Malaysia time).