Other Than Fried Chicken, KFC Is Serving Us Fashion with Its Bucket Hat

source: KFC Russia

Bucket hats are making a come back, we know this by the seer amount of bucket hats seen at music festivals (even that uncle waving goodbye to his 18 year old hypebeast son – they both got their bucket hats on).

Cashing in on the trend, KFC Russia has teamed up with Russian streetwear label Mam Cupy to bring the one-of-a-kind fried chicken bucket, bucket hat to life.

source: KFC Russia

The design reinterprets KFC’s iconic chicken bucket with red and white stripes, with the Colonel logo flipped upside down. In the campaign video, they asks “Is it a hat, or a bucket?” Turns out it’s both – You can wear it and use it to hold fried chicken – and not necessarily in that order.

The limited edition KFC x Mam Cupy bucket hat is sold at 1,800 Russian Rubles, which is around RM117+. Do we need it? No. Is it fun to see ridiculous ideas like these come to life? Absolutely.

source: KFC Russia

Oh, sorry folks. The collabo piece is only available in Russia, so you have to DIY.

source: YouTube

All of this reminds us of one peculiar, gifted guitarist (and ex-GnR temp). You should definitely check out Buckethead if you’re into emotional guitar-based instrumentals and mean-ass shredding.

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