KFC Is Developing 3D-Bioprinted Chicken Nuggets That Are Cleaner & Healthier But Taste The Same

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(source: Mothership SG)

According to The Star, fried chicken franchise, KFC announced last week that the company is working on developing “the meat of the future” – also known as 3D bioprinted chicken nuggets.

The giant fast-food chain has partnered with Moscow-based company, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, to create a faux-meat chicken nugget in the laboratory. The new bioprinting technology under development will print meat using a mixture of “chicken cells and plant material” as well as breading and spices from the signature KFC taste.

KCF says that the end product will have the taste and texture of chicken meat with very little involvement from the animals. The nuggets will supposedly be cleaner than its contemporary counterpart.

(source: Techspot)

This basically means that your Kentucky Fried Chicken nuggets may not be made from chicken much longer, yet technically, it’s not vegan too. We know – it’s confusing.

The move is an effort to create a more environmentally-friendly and healthy alternative to real chicken meat as it is part of the company’s “restaurant of the future concept.” The creation of such goods has minimal impact on the environment compared with farming – energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can both be drastically reduced using this method.

A final product that will undergo testing is expected to be completed in Moscow around September. For now, KFC is keeping mum on when the product will be available for sampling.

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