VIDEO: Malaysian Tweets & FB Posts Turned Into KFC Short Films

Art imitates life, and so do good ads. There’s a hint of realness behind every piece of good work put out there. Otherwise, it would just be Micheal Bay toying with pyrotechnics.

KFC recently turned to their consumers for real life inspiration for their KFC Original Series campaign. As a cornerstone of Malaysian fast-food culture, it turns out that heaps of Malaysians had many interesting stories relating to the brand.

Conceptualised with their ad agency Naga DDB Tribal, the campaign’s tagline “Your stories make our stories” took on a literally meaning when they created several short films based on Tweets and Facebook posts in reply to the brand asking the public to share their experiences or “moments of magic” with KFC.

According to KFC’s CMO Angelina Villanueva, they wanted consumers to know how much KFC values their personal moments with the brand, which ultimately defines the KFC brand story.

(source: Marketing Interactive)

Although there were tonnes of stories, they settled on three tweets and two Facebook posts that were subsequently brought back to life with five short standalone films – All The Way, Blue Moon, Once A Year, Fast Food and Cinta Sejati. Each story was crafted to embody different genres of film from romance to sci-fi to adventure to comedy and coming-of-age.

Scroll down to watch..

1. All The Way

2. Blue Moon

3. Once A Year

4. Fast Food

5. Cinta Sejati

Like most Malaysians, our sweetest memories tend to go hand-in-hand with what we eat. It’s nice to see that apart from being a finger-licking good brand, they also made the shorts epically feel-good.

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