KFC’s New Outlet ‘Naughty By Nature’ in Indonesia is a High End Salad Bar… With Fried Chicken

(Source: Naughtybynaturekfc on Instagram)

Forget hipster and aesthetically pleasing cafes because KFC Indonesia has just changed the game with their new salad bar & lifestyle dinning outlet called KFC Naughty By Nature.

Situated in South Jakarta, the design of this new outlet is unlike any KFC concept outlets you’ve seen before and it looks way more high end.

(Source: naugtybynaturekfc on Instagram)

The outlet has beautifully designed french windows, a modernised LED Sign and even steps for cyclists to sit down and have a break, whereas the interior inside is surrounded by furniture made out of wood and luscious greenery which makes the place look organically alive.

(Source: naughtybynaturekfc on instagram)

When it comes to food, Naughty By Nature leans towards a healthier lifestyle – without leaving behind their signature fried chicken, of course.

You can get the perfect combination of greens and protein in the Meal Market Platter. Start by picking one of the chicken options which includes the O.R. (Original Recipe) Fried Chicken, H.C.C. (Hot Crispy Chicken), Crispy Boneless Strips, or Grilled Chicken.

After that, select one to three sides out of 18 varieties divided into cool and warm options. Some of the choices include the Kale Caesar Salad, Goma Garlic Greens, or Coleslaw; while the warm sides lineup consists of items such as Crispy Brussels Sprouts, Baked Butternut Squash, and Roasted Baby Potatoes.

They also have a refreshing Breakfast Menu which includes Eggtastic, Eggcited, Eggcelent, Takes To Two Taco, Geprek KFC and others.

(Source: naughtybynaturekfc on Instagram)

Not limiting the main courses to just chicken, their menu includes new items such as Pasta Nonna Sanders – Creamy Linguine and Spiced Tomato Spaghetti.

When it comes to beverages, the choices are equally unique with drinks like Butterfly Pea Latte, a delightful mix of butterfly pea and fresh milk, and their PB&J – strawberry, blueberry, and banana juice, made creamy with milk, honey, and peanut butter.

(Source:naughtybynature on Instagram)

We are really impressed with KFC Indonesia’s new unique outlet. Hopefully, KL will see an outlet like this in the future.

There are a few one-of-a-kind outlets from famous brands around the world – for example, here are unique Starbucks in Japan that are unlike the standard outlets we get here in Malaysia.

On the other hand, Malaysian cuisine has also gone international. Did you know there’s a Mamak in Texas?