Take Kaki Ayam to the Next Level with These Bizarre KFC Crocs

source: Crocs

Anything is possible, so now we have the KFC Crocs. This isn’t new, of course. KFC Russia kept the bucket hat trend going in a collaboration with Mam Cupy.

In Malaysia, Pestle & Mortar released a full line with KFC. It’s not just chickens anymore. Keep in mind that there’s a KFC dating simulator on Steam.

KFC announced the collaboration with a video featuring artist Me Love Me a Lot taking out the shoes (?) clogs (?) coming out from a deep fryer. One looks like your standard dad-pair, while the other one is more of a Croc hybrid platform.

The shoes also come with a pair of fried chicken-scented “Jibbitz”, because why not. KFC is the king of fast-food fashion and I’d like to see others compete. Maybe a McD clown shoes for you fools out there.

If you want to rock these finger lickin’ good crocs and take the meaning of kaki ayam to another level, it comes out Spring 2020.

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