Veteran Rapper, Joe Flizzow Collabs With Hip-Hop Bad Boys Jay Park & MK in New Track ‘Ciao’

Expect me to break the mold again”: Joe Flizzow on coming back with
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All hail our Subang Jaya king, Joe Flizzow!

Touted as one of the O.G. Malaysian rappers, Joe Flizzow has been in the game for years and his songs are so well-known that youngsters have integrated bits of his lingo in their everyday conversations.

The veteran rapper even created 16 Baris to showcase rising stars in the local hip-hop industry. The show features guests such as Lil Asian Thiccie and MK from K-Clique amongst others.

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Recently, Joe announced that he will be collaborating with long time friend, South Korean bad boi rapper Jay Park.

Known for flying out of the boy band coop and into his own individual sound, Jay Park is well loved within the hip-hop community. He has also collaborated with Joe before through the song ‘Twisted Dreams’ and was featured in Yuna’s Rouge album on the track ‘Does She’.

Ciao Hip Hop slanga pasar | Harian Metro
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Joe and Jay Park will be joining forces along with MK, who is part of Sabah’s most popular group K-Clique. The group’s fame skyrocketed via their massive hit ‘Mimpi’ and now MK will continue to reach new heights with his swagger.

The track titled ‘Ciao’ will be produced by Alyph who has worked with both MK and Joe before.

In a recent news report, Joe talked about the track and said,

“There are a lot of things that excite me about this new track. Fans will see a different side of Joe Flizzow since I’ll be dishing out lyrics using the latest slangs and lingo. If compared to my previous song ‘Kuasa’ featuring lyrics more in line with formal Malay, with ‘Ciao’, I evolved in order to make sure the words were closer to the daily informal usage of the language today. For me, to remain relevant in hip hop we must use the latest colloquialisms.”

The most exciting thing about this collaboration will be the bridge that connects listeners to music from different generations as well as nations.

As of now there’s no official release date for the track but we’re excited to listen to the outcome!