Feeling Cheeky? Here’s a Saucy Playlist By Lilasianthiccie

Let’s just admit it, everyone’s a little bit of a hoe and there’s nothing wrong with that. Exploring your sexuality is something that we all have to do in order to know ourselves a bit deeper, especially for some, it can help empower themselves and instil confidence. Hoe anthems are changing the long-standing stigma that a woman should only talk about sex in her bedroom, unlike men who normally have the privilege to do it so openly. Women are taking the word ‘hoe’ back from the crusty hands of men and diminish the negative connotation.

Here at JUICE, we asked out favourite carefree gworl, Lilasianthiccie, who’ve previously dropped the overnight success single ‘Hiao Nene’ featuring nonyabusiness (dropped last year on Soundcloud) to help us curate the perfect hoe anthem playlist. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with this newcomer, Lilasianthiccie has now hit us with a new music video for her latest single ‘Feel Like Shit’. Take a look at it down below:

Before we go popping our hips to all the songs she listed, we asked her opinion on embracing sexuality and this is what she had to say:

“To embrace your sexuality is to be educated on the complexities of it (sex education, contraceptives, rape culture) and have an advanced self-respect of yourself – body and mind. Living in a society that silences endorsement of sexual liberty, we all know suppression does nothing but spread herpes. Sexuality is a big part of who I am – brand and person – and to an extent, it applies to everyone else too. And that’s not to say sexual awareness is to be a whore or a slut (aka me), there’s no one definition or an ideal of it. ”

Now, here’s the perfect playlist by Lilasianthiccie (complete with individual description) for the next time you’re pre-gaming with the girls, curling your hoe-licious hair, or trying to pump yourself up before your Tinder date comes over:

1) Boys – Charli XCX

“Cute song. Catchy as hell. Takes me back to my first hoe memory – first crush(es), petty playground games from grade school, cooties… you know how it is.”

2) Ridin’ Round – Kali Uchis

 “A great riding song – in the car… the bed… take your pick. Great grinding song and way too underrated!”

3) Luxury – Azealia Banks

“If I could, I’d put the entire Broke with Expensive Taste album in this playlist but if I had to pick a winner it’d be Luxury. It’s a perfect hoe glam bop, put it on when you’re getting ready for ladies’ night – trust.”

4) Why Don’t U (feat. Abra & ILoveMakonnen) – Father

“This beat bumps and makes me wanna take all my clothes off. It’s impossible not to get horny as hell to this. Don’t come for me.”

5) World Vision – Tommy Genesis

“Makes you feel like THAT bitch, like you THE ONE. THE ONE that can get it. THE ONE you’d get with”

6) Spoil You Rotten – Father

 “Big. Daddy. Mood”

7) That Other Girl – Sevdaliza

“Every time I put this on, it makes me feel some type of DGAF sexy, bad ass persona. Plus the drops are insane.”

8) Memories Faded – TWENTY88

“I think we all got that one we keep going back to, hoe or not. This is a good reminisce song.”

9) High Highs to Low Lows – Lolo Zouai

 “Shout out to Nish Gilgamesh for setting me up with this one. She’s not THE ONE to play with – PLUS SHE SINGS IN FRENCH TOO! How hot is that??”

10) Once Upon a Time – Mariahlynn

“You can’t call yourself a hoe if you haven’t bopped to this at least once. Real ones remember her!”
Bonus round! Of course we can’t leave out “Hiao Nene” in this mix. I’m like uhhh…

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