Sarawakian Muso, Alena Murang Nominated for 2 Awards at Int. Music Video Fest Alongside Madonna

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Some Malaysian musicians, while celebrated with open-arms in their homeland, do not get as much recognition across the pond.

Even for famous artistes like Yuna, it took years until she got her billboard in Times Squarerecognition from Michelle Obama and became a household name.

But, Yuna isn’t the only artiste worthy of praise.

You go, girl!
source: Borneo Talk

In comes Alena Murang, 31, full of promise and passion to diversify music. A Sarawak-born musician who plays the traditional-music instrument, Sapeh, Alena’s song ‘Midang Midang’ not only integrates her gorgeous, lyrical music but also some fantastic visuals and Sarawakian heritage.

The video was launched by Alena through her outfit Kanid Studio, at GSC Cinemas in November 2019. It was also supported by Sarawak Tourism Board, Miri City Council and other partners.

Take a look:

The music video is currently nominated for two categories which are Best International Video and Best Styling at the Buenos Aires Music Video Festival on 27 to 29 November in Argentina. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Alena will be going up against pop icon, Madonna!

Two queens!

Joining another acclaimed Sarawakian-Malaysian musician, Zee Avi, in the spotlight, Alena is proud of her nomination as she feels it proves that her fight to spread the beauty of music of the Ulu Sarawak is bearing fruit in the mainstream.

“The team & I are so honoured to receive these nominations. With the type of music I play, and my instrument, and the languages I sing in — it’s not a straightforward road. These nominations keep me motivated to keep creating in a way that’s authentic to myself and my community.”

She also thanks her director and stylist, Lois Dorai, as well as her producer, Fabian Joseph, for helping her realise her vision. With their help, she’s able to continue putting out music and videos that showcase the culture she is so proud of.

Congratulations to Alena Murang! Despite the pandemic, Malaysia will be tuning into the festival to support her and we hope she brings those awards home!