These M’sian Designers Made Flower Earrings That Look Like Vaginas As A Way For Women To Reclaim Their Sexuality

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source: Instagram / @pearlu.studios

It’s about time we paid tribute to the very organ that birthed all of us into this world.

In today’s generation, we’re no strangers to quirky jewellery, especially in the form of earrings. Recently, there has been a trend where everyday items such as mineral bottles, boba, cigarettes and even siew yoke have been turned into dainty earrings for the everyday gal or guy who wants to add a little personality or kitsch to their look.

However, taking the likeness of vaginas and turning it into flowery earrings is taking it up a notch.

source: Instagram / @pearlu.studios

Meet the designers of these beautiful, artisanal earrings, Thepa and Li Ying. Founders of the IG shop, @pearlu.studios, these ladies began crafting intricate designs of plants and flowers into earrings that uncannily resemble vaginas. They even call their space on Instagram, the pubic garden, which is both clever and funnily accurate.

Their project started as a way to create unconventional accessories for those who love expressing themselves in idiosyncratic ways. This is a passion of theirs which they invest their time into after clocking out from their 9-6 jobs. Specialising in women’s wear and design, these two creators are clearly honing in on their already-sharpened fashion-knowledge to create more niche pieces, where they can fully show their personalities.

To get to know the pair a little better, JUICE interviewed Thepa (T) and Li Ying (LY) to understand the creative process behind the brand as well as their future plans.

This is what they said…

source: pearlu.studios

What made you decide to create these flower-like mini sculptures of vaginas to sell as earrings?
LY: Thepa and I share a lot of similar interests and like the same things. Apart from our day job, We both wanted to start a creative business of our own. I think one day I showed her some polymer clay creations and we decided to give them a try.   
T: Sometimes I draw p*ssies and other body parts for Li Ying on sticky notes to brighten up her work desk, when Li Ying showed me some clay earrings on Pinterest, I decided why not make p*ssy earrings?

Where did the name pearlu.studios come from?
LY:  Pearlu came from a brand name generator when we searched “pearl”. Both of us gravitated towards that and it stuck with us. Pearlu also sounds like the Malay word ‘perlu’. Like you need it! 

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Were you inspired by any other artists or was this simply an homage to women and nature?
LY: Georgia O’Keeffe was definitely a big influence to this concept. 
T: Georgia O’ Queef. But yeah, it’s not just female bodies though. It’s human anatomy and it’s similarities to things you find in nature (flowers, fruit, sea creatures etc.) that heavily influenced our creations.


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Will you be creating other designs that borrow the likeness of any other body parts?
LY: Yes. The running theme for our brand is to create tasteful yet suggestive earrings. Next we’ll be experimenting with different materials and incorporating real pearls and natural stone beads. 
T: Currently we also have our phallic anthurium flowers! We also tried making boobs, but they did not turn out very well. We might be making assh*les soon too, who knows?

Do you have any favourite Malaysian fashion icons? If so, who?
LY: I wouldn’t say I have one specific favourite. I think the perspective of Malaysian fashion is extremely unique to itself and that’s what inspires me. The diversity of cultures makes for very interesting takes on fashion, that in itself is iconic.

source: juiceonline

Since we’re repping vaginas on our ears, are there any social/political issues regarding women that need to be highlighted more in our society?
Both: First of all we would like to point out that women aren’t the only people with vaginas. But in the regards to issues concerning women, since we are already talking about bodies, women and their bodies are so often hypersexualised and objectified that so many women are ashamed of what is so natural, what literally gives life. They hide it instead of seeing the beauty and the divine power [it] holds. This often leads to bigger issues like violence and exploitation. We want women to reclaim and embrace their bodies and own that they are perfect and powerful as they are.

Where can our audience find you and keep up with your work?
Both: They can reach us on our Instagram @pearlu.studios to see our creations and ongoing developments.


These handmade earrings not only come in several different colour schemes and shapes, but they also come in different kinds of hooks, chains and even clip-ons for those with virgin ears.

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