Take Your Love for Siew Yoke to the Next Level With These Earrings

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Images TinyPinc Miniatures

Ang Ku Kueh, Roti Bakar, and Ice Cream Potong are not just edible items, now they can also be statement pieces to pair with an otherwise plain outfit so you’ll look extra delicious.

Creatively moulded with polymer clay by miniature artist Ling Hooi Yin, these tiny figurines are so meticulously made you just want to stare at them all day, or wish for them to transform into actual food cause of how good they look.

Ling’s attention to detail can be credited to her multimedia background, and she even offers workshops to teach interested candidates how to make cute figurines like hers. Out of all of Ling’s design, her most quirky one yet has to be these Siew Yoke earrings:

You can tell just how crispy the top layer is before you bite into that scrumptious layer of fat, right?

But if you’re all about that halal life, Ling also creates our savoury favourites like Char Kuey Teow and Nasi Lemak accessories.

Stay updated on more inventions by the artist on her Facebook page here

Local shoppers can purchase items here while international shoppers can head onto her Etsy page here

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