This Make-Up Artist’s Optical Illusions Are Both Awesome & Disturbing!

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source: Facebook / mimichoimakeupartistry

Recently, the internet has collectively spiralled into an existential crisis with the “everything’s a cake” meme. From vegetables, kitchen appliances, butts and babies, if you slice into it, everything is just made of cake.

Which kind of begs the question: What kind of cake am I? I’d probably be a cupcake because you think I’m better for you than a regular cake until you’ve had an entire box and now you feel sick. That got a little too dark… sorry.

source: Facebook / mimichoimakeupartistry

But what’s even more disturbing than my non-tangential cake metaphor is this make-up artist’s awesome yet graphic optical illusions. Meet Mimi Choi, a professional make-up artist with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She quit her pre-school teaching job to pursue her passion in creating these evocative pieces of art using cosmetics. In an interview with Bored Panda, she said,

“I’ve always been into art and makeup since I was a child, but never thought that I could ever make a career out of it. So after graduating from university, I studied to become a Montessori preschool instructor. While I love teaching and working with children, I felt suppressed in a way because I had to dress and act in a certain manner. I found that I would paint intricate details on my nails or doodle at home in the evenings as a sort of creative release.”

source: Facebook / mimichoimakeupartistry

As her skills continued to blossom, Choi began experimenting with more daring looks to challenge the boundaries of eccentric make-up. With the new memes popping up, she decided to seize this opportunity to share her creations with the world. And we are loving it… even if it makes us feel a little uneasy.

Take a look…

When people ask you what yummy Bath & Body Works lotion you’re using but you’re actually just a cake.
Is this the baker’s equivalent to athlete’s foot?
When you give him that sloppy Joe.
When you slice open someone who’s lactose intolerant, you don’t get cake… You get tomatoes.
Who said wearing too much make-up makes you unattractive? She looks like she has a lot of sex-a-peel…

Recently, Choi has been keeping busy by producing looks for celebs like Ezra Miller for his appearance at the Met Gala and Jeff Goldblum for his TV show on Disney+, amongst others. With talent like hers, we’ll surely see more of her work, perhaps in upcoming blockbuster films.


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If you can’t seem to get enough of these awesome and intricate optical illusions, Choi has an entire Youtube channel dedicated to her artistry which you can find here

To see more, you can also follow her Instagram here.

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