Hypebeast Features M’sian Brand, AGAINST LAB., Proving That Local Streetwear Is Thriving

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source: Hypebeast

When you think of Hypebeast fashion, the first few brands that might pop into your head would probably be Off-white, Champion and the infamous Supreme. However, this up-and-coming Malaysian label has entered the arena and it’s ready to challenge the big boys.

source: Hypebeast

AGAINST LAB.’s new collection, ‘SPLIT’, features twin models and stylists Deanna and Deanni personifying the collection’s theme of duelling personalities. You may think SPLIT is self-explanatory considering the collection is split into two personalities, but it actually serves as an acronym for ‘Strange Personas Living In Twined.’ Yes, we’re diving into hipster territory, folks. Strap in!

The burgeoning streetwear brand describes the collection in a press release as,

“The fight happening between our extroversion and introversion, between our glee and our gloom, between our sanity & insanity. We all have these daily inner struggles, much like everything in life, it’s all a balancing act!”

source: Hypebeast

AGAINST LAB. has previously collaborated with rapper Airliftz and is staying consistently relevant amongst their target audience of individuals who love expressing themselves through comfortable statement tees. Usually adorned with bold typography, doodle art and logos, AGAINST LAB. makes up for its simplicity in vibrant, yet minimal designs.

With Hypebeast culture saturating the streets of Malaysia’s fashion hotspots as well as the Instagram pages of fellow Gen Z’s and Millennials, AGAINST LAB.’s feature on the Hypebeast website could not come at a more perfect time. More Malaysians are beginning to experiment with their fashion, and with a homegrown brand gracing the acclaimed streetwear site, this just further validates that Malaysians got style!

source: Hypebeast

With AGAINST LAB. gaining international recognition, it just goes to show that our streetwear scene is on the rise. Who knows… maybe we’ll get to see Malaysian streetwear brands being repped in abundance on the streets of New York and Tokyo soon.

To cop the new AGAINST LAB. collection before all the Subang fuccbois do, click here.

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