Awie, Ella, Zee Avi, Altimet & Zamaera Explain Netflix’s New Bahasa Melayu Features In Hilarious Ad

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source: The Ghost Bride / Crossroads: One, Two, Jaga

Time to prepare ourselves for some unintentionally funny subtitles!

In celebration of the upcoming Merdeka, what better way to unite us all then through the one thing that has kept us sane during the pandemic: Netflix.

Today, Netflix announced through a delightfully cute ad that the streaming giant will now integrate a user interface (UI) that allows Malaysians to stream and experience Netflix in Bahasa Malaysia.

source: NetflixMY / Twitter

The ad shows rock legends, Awie and Ella, comically try to figure out how to translate Spanish pop culture phenomenon, Money Heist, into Bahasa Malaysia and it proves that even after all these years, Ella still remains her adorable self.

Not only is the ad a major throwback for fans of classic rock, the current generation can enjoy it too by watching rap powerhouses Altimet and Zamaera freestyling to the screenplay of Stranger Things. Spoiler alert: Zamaera slays.

Let’s not forget indie darling Zee Avi who relatedly debates with Altimet on the proper translation for ‘elves’–whether it’s makhluk halus or bunian. Sorry, Zee Avi but I’m with Altimet on this one.

Check out the hilarious video below:

Enough about the ad, I’m sure you’re wondering how this UI works. Well, thankfully, it’s actually quite simple.

Here’s the step by step:

1. Click on your profile on the right corner, then click Manage Profiles

Yes, I have an account for my cat, Mixy…

2. Select the profile you want to translate.

Mixy likes Paw Patrol in case you were wondering…

3. Find Bahasa Melayu in the Language menu and click it.

4. Click on your profile to go back to your page. Now, as you can see, everything is in Bahasa Malaysia.

5. Click on your favourite show and enjoy!

The reason why this slight change was implemented was because Netflix wanted to improve our streaming experience and since Merdeka is just around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to do so. A Netflix spokesperson said,

“Netflix believes in giving members control over their entire entertainment experience, and we are delighted that they are now able to choose to enjoy Netflix in Bahasa Melayu. This surely will improve their viewing experience and better suit members who prefer consuming Netflix in their national language.”

While consuming popular Western shows is now made easier with Bahasa Malaysia subs and dubs, let’s not forget to support lokal especially since our art industry has suffered from a definite decline due to the pandemic. There are plenty of Malaysian-made shows available on Netflix and there’s no better time to stream them than now!

Have a great National Day celebration from JUICE!

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