Staying True To Herself, Yuna Calls Out Netizen Who Asks Her To Dress More Appropriately

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(Source: Yuna on Instagram)

The thing that we all love about Yuna is how she has always stayed true to herself and is not afraid to voice out her opinions against negative comments that have been said about her on social media.

Recently, the singer-songwriter shared her thoughts to a netizen just days after her birthday over the weekend. This particular individual’s “birthday wish” had caught the international artist’s attention.

The Instagram user, @calicotasyamochi, had wished Yuna “Happy Birthday” and had politely asked the singer to change her outfits and dress more appropriately, like a “proper Muslim” should, in order to be a better person and inspiration for others.

(Source: Yuna on Instagram)

“I hope you will be better and be a good inspiration for young hijabis to be just like you. You’re great. I hope you can change your outfit for the better. (This is) Because I love you and I want you to be a good Muslim,” she stated.

Yuna was definitely not going to let this slide. She replied to the netizen,

“I’m fine actually thank you, I am as real as I can be. I’m sorry that you feel like I need to change to be a good inspiration to others! I promise you when you grow up, you will learn not to judge people by the way they look.” 

( Source: Yuna on Instagram)

Yuna had also taken the liberty to write a longer explanation about how she had managed to tackle narrow-minded people in her community. She shared that the only way to be at peace is to let go and accept the fact that no matter how hard we try, we cannot please everyone.

She also stated that her relationship with Islam is beautiful and personal. She does not advertise her Islamic actions on social media, because showing others you’re doing something is not the same as actually doing it with a sincere heart.

Yuna has always stood up for herself and for her beliefs. It takes strength to sift through negative comments and still remain kind and courteous to those who do not understand your choices.

We hope that she continues to always be her true self and to make people smile with her music.

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