Making M’sia Proud Again, Yuna Graces NYC Billboards for the 3rd Time

(source: TVSarawak)

Appearing on iconic Times Square billboards in New York City is a big deal for any celebrity. Singer-songwriter Yuna has not only done it before, but yesterday marks her the third time.

The first two times she graced the billboards to promote her music, this time around, the star is selected to represent Asia as part of Spotify’s campaign for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, ‘Our Roots. Our Sound’.

Yuna posted up photos of the billboards, which have already garnered close to 50,000 likes, on Instagram.


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“Look, mom! I’m all over NYC! Celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage month with Spotify – thanks to Spotify for always having me be a part of this special month together with other talented Asian artists. This visibility means a lot to us!” she wrote in the caption.

However, the Kedah-born singer revealed that she has never gotten to witness these momentous occasions in person.

“Wish I was there to witness it myself. I always miss my NYC billboard moments,” she shared.

The US embassy of Kuala Lumpur also gave Yuna a shout-out on Twitter:

Since the lockdown started, Yuna has been keeping busy by entertaining us with her very chill IG Live session where she interviewed other amazing artists like Lolo Zouai, Noh Salleh, and Michael Enzinger from Incubus, among others.

Yuna also revealed that we’ll be getting a new release, Stay Where You Are, this Friday (15 May). Here’s a snippet:


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