Checkout Our Kween, Yuna Zarai Dancing in a MV for the First Time

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She’s backkkk….

source: UMG Recordings, Inc.

After a 3 year hiatus, Yuna drops a banger with ‘Forever More’. The Malaysian icon has been feeding her fans teasers and clues to her upcoming song for months and now, we finally get to hear it.

The song, an upbeat and happier tone as compared to her previous tracks, is very true to Yuna’s chill R&B style with lyrics that depict an individual’s strive for self-fulfilment and passion in her life. Well, at least that’s what I interpreted it to be.

However, to be completely honest, I’m not as enamoured by the song as I am with the coinciding music video. Props to choreographer Karma Raines for the groovy dance moves.

Let me preface by saying I am a geek for anything neon. Every time those piercing hues of blue, pink, green and purple fill the screen, I instantly feel transported into some form of whirlwind experience. And Yuna’s new video is dripping with neon colours.

The artiste has captured my heart by deciding to shoot the video entirely at rural areas in Malaysia, including spots around the unassuming state of Perlis where Yuna spent part of her high school years, and Batu Caves, KL. Tanah tumpahnya darahku…

source: Yuna/Youtube

Within the stylistically-arranged vignettes of different locations (even a random gas station and a Chinese traditional convenience store!), Yuna has spliced in portraits of people who we normally don’t see in the media (Tourism Malaysia, pls take note!). From a mak cik to an old couple and even a family on a motosikal, Yuna has encapsulated the kampung life in which we need to see more of in Malaysian music videos.

I’m done with this k-pop faćade and I’m looking at you, Ayda Jebat!

Unnie Aida Jebat in her music video, ‘Temberang’ (source: Ayda Jebat/Youtube)

But let me be honest. The main reason why I loved the video so much is because it was directed by her own husband, Adam Sinclair. COUPLE. GOALS.

source: Yuna/Instagram

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