Last Word

We Need To Stop The ‘Coughing Epidemic’ That’s Happening in Malaysia

We *coughs* need to *coughs* do *coughs* something! *throws up*

Pop Culture

Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots is a Show for Literally Everyone.. Here’s Why!

This NSFW show is probably the best thing we’ve seen in 2019!


Let The Cosplayers Go!

Yamate kudasai!


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A Gleaming New Talent Has Arrived in the Form of Emily Burns

Pink hair and catchy music? Count me in!


Anak Jalanan Chow Kit: True Stories from Children Living Off The Streets

Chow Kit, Malaysia’s darkest secret… until now.


Can Ahmad Idham Be Trusted as Our Newly Appointed FINAS CEO?

The pessimist in me is screaming to be let out!


5 Reasons Why Apex Legends is the Reigning Champion of Battle Royale

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