Ahmad Idham… is BACK?

A filepic of Ahmad Idham with Hans Isaac. Photo: The Star/Sam Tham

Ladies and gentleman, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Ahmad Idham, the auteur of Pencuri Hati Mr. Cinderella (amongst other atrocities- uh, I mean masterpieces), is back in FINAS after supposedly resigning in late of 2019.

According to The Star, our beloved director was present at the 1st Malaysia Film Festival at the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) headquarters alongside chairman, Datuk Hans Isaac. He announced that he never ‘actually’ resigned, but was merely taking a leave of absence due to personal problems. I wonder what those problems might be? Certainly it wasn’t all the backlash he garnered from the country as a whole… No, it can’t be that.

With his return, he brings with him a sense of resurgence, stating,

“I came back to work on Jan 10 after my break and started work immediately. There’s a lot we want to accomplish,”

I can feel the nation sigh along with me at this news. JUICE had just published an article detailing our apprehension and lack of trust towards Idham last year, so it is extremely difficult now, in 2020, to feel even a modicum of optimism due to the countless times he had misplaced our trust.

source: The Star

You have to respect the guy, despite being criticised to kingdom come on all social media platforms, he still remains standing. Now, that is the kind of confidence we all need in 2020! However, he could use a little self-awareness though.

I say that because after receiving fair criticism on Twitter, he remains oblivious to his actions and how it reflects on our local cinema. With Parasite, an Asian film reaping numerous awards and even an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, we Malaysians can’t help but hope that in the future, it will be a movie birthed from the talents of our nation that will be receiving international praise as well.

However, with Ahmad Idham remaining at the top, I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.

Imagine how tired we are… (source: Barry Lyndon, 1975 dir. Stanley Kubrick)

But who knows? Maybe during his leave, he had immersed himself in the works of Ingmar Bergman, Stanley Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson to bring us ground-breaking cinema, leaving all of us shocked and in awe at his enshrouded talent? Highly unlikely, but at this point, since I have made it my new year’s resolution, I will remain as optimistic as I can.

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