LISTEN: VMPRMYTH’s HEROINe LP is Up For Streaming!

VMPRMYTH’s long-gestated debut album, HEROINe, is finally released today on iTunes.


LISTEN: Pradana’s ‘West Halmahera’

Named after the largest island in his native Indonesia, the sound of (Time Lord) Pradana’s ‘West Halmahera’ is vaporwave done right.


VIDEO: Phon.o’s ‘HereNow (feat. Bass Sekolah)’

Recently premiered on VICE’s electronic music channel Thump, 50Weapons just dropped the full-length version of Phon.o’s track with Bass Sekolah, and it comes with a music video to boot!


Nile Rodgers: Le Hitmaker

Ahead of his concert with the newly-reformed Chic, Nile Rodgers spoke to a small group of musicians and music-related opinion leaders on his life, playing style, and the science behind making hits.


Across the SEA: An Ocean of Electronics

Having scoured predominantly just the Malaysian scene, JUICE decided to extend our reach to beyond our borders and grasp our grubby hands onto other parts of Southeast Asia to cure our perennial itch for new music.


LISTEN: M.O.I.S.T’s ‘96000 (I Dreamt of Sibu)’

After a whole year since we last heard anything new from M.O.I.S.T, Jarrod and co. return with a lucid dream pop song romanticising his hometown Sibu.

Last Word

Fikri Fadzil: The Sleeping Tiger of Southeast Asia

After expanding regionally into Indonesia, and inspired by the scene across the Malacca straits over yonder, Founder and Director of The Wknd Fikri Fadzil ruminates over the question of our national identity in the music we produce.


Johnnie Walker: Stepping Inside the Psyche of the Ambassadors

Look into the world of two young men who are fit to be ambassadors of Johnnie Walker as their own personal stories further complement the story behind the multinational brand.


LISTEN: Lykke Li’s ‘No Rest For the Wicked’

If Lykke Li’s new songs off her upcoming LP I Never Learn so far are anything to go by, the Swedish songstress has completely eschewed the oddball Scandinavian pop sounds associated with her.


Dia Frampton: That Young Veteran

JUICE meets TV’s latest indie pop princess, Dia Frampton, and find her refreshingly so down-to-earth.