VIDEO: Jin Hackman’s ‘2014 Malaysian Rap Up’

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source: Jin Hackman

If you have been following hip hop artiste Jin Hackman’s yearly round up rap on the good, the bad, and the ugly, we’re sure that you were feverishly refreshing TAPAUtv‘s and Jin’s respective social media outlets to get a load of this year’s edition early this morning. He had been retweeting fans who ranged from the sincerely impatient to those who had a head start at cracking jokes about breaking the internet and even political arrest since last night. After an arduous 30-minute delay, the video is finally up and Jin, of course, does not disappoint with his innate ability to compress 365 days’ worth of triumphs and tragedies that happened in local news. As a year in review, the video is at times hilarious but perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s bleaker than previous years. Bleak as it is though, this is the most restrained Jin’s been in a rap up, which turns out to be a good thing, and the video by TAPAUtv is the best he’s done in the series. Tactmatic’s beat deserves a shout  out too.

Dare we say ‘2014 Malaysian Rap Up’ is the best yet?

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