LISTEN: Mark Ronson’s ‘Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker)’

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Source: Mark Ronson

It looks like Mick Jones’ stepson has finally come good. While we’ve never doubted Ronson’s production skills, he’s never done anything that has made us go flat-out ‘wow’. And while the first single off his upcoming album was as good as it could get while pandering to the mass market, ‘Daffodils’ is on another level. Originally written and performed by the Tame Impala frontman as part of his side project Kevin Spacey, the song retains its chilled psychedelic funk roots, as Ronson adds sweet icing on top of the cake. We’ve never quite heard anything like this from the man before, but it makes us hungry for more. Thankfully, there are a couple more collaborations between the two coming out on Ronson’s Uptown Special, due on Saturday 13 January ’15 via Sony.

Tame Impala meets funk.

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