VIDEO: Tella Viv’s ‘ithaka’

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source: tella viv

Hailing from Stockholm, this trio of DIY rockers with a penchant for psychedelia (both musically and visually) will be releasing their EP entitled From Coast 2 Coast soon. Appropriating and stylising an Israeli city as their band’s name, the Tella Viv boys followed a similar approach with the name of the EP’s single ‘ithaka’ — a pristine Greek island. The video has an underwater premise where the band plays against a backdrop of dolphins, but it’s quickly interjected with grave images that change dramatically with every onset of a hook. Carl Hjelm Sandqvist’s voice strains while an infectious set of notes from the synthesised keyboard imbue the track with contrasting jauntiness. Not everything is so precious now, innit? But then again, they affectionately refer to their fans as ‘Tella Vivians’…

Watch it below:

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