LISTEN: Kanye West’s ‘Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)’

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Kanye is back, and alongside him, none other than the one and only Paul McCartney. Sadly, you don’t get to hear anything from the Beatle other than his tinkling on the ivories in this track, but even his playing is utterly magnificent. What’s even better is that Kanye’s publicist has stated that this was only the first release from the two musical maestros of different generations, so we should be hearing more from them soon. And why do we want to hear more from the both of them? ‘Only One’ is a beguiling tune, with an enchanting chorus, and Kanye’s autotuned voice just matches McCartney’s simplistic, yet arresting organ playing so fucking well. It’s not often that you can feel emotions so deeply through a song nowadays with everything being processed to shit, but somehow this one pulls through.

‘Only One’ is only available on iTunes and Kanye’s site here for now, but it’s worth it.

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