LISTEN: ‘BVBBLGVNNR 2 : Nebusoku Edition’ Mix by Pradana

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source: Pradana

There had been a few year-end mixes that caught our fancy this year, but Pradana’s sequel to the original ‘BVBBLGVNNR‘ mix he did for NB4T has got to be the most unique. Continuing his recent fetish for Japanese electronic tunes, ‘BVBBLGVNNR 2 : Nebusoku Edition’ is similarly the sort of cutesy kitsch heard on the previous volume, but here his selections are less obvious (with nary a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu tune in sight) and recent favourite, tofubeats, makes a couple of appearances.

Listen to it below for a quick education in the Japanese scene beyond the expected bass music.

BVBBLGVNNR 2 : Nebusoku Edition by Prvdvna on Mixcloud

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