WATCH: Lone Elephant Emerges In The Night & Charges At Onlookers in Kota Tinggi

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Ever since the pandemic started, humans have been stuck at home wondering when we’ll get to return to our normal lives again, while elephants have been parading around and even paying our kitchens surprise visits.

These majestic creatures have been active now more than ever and maybe due to our own immobility, humans are starting to notice them even more.

Recently, a video went viral of an elephant emerging from the shadows as if it were summoned by a Jumanji board.

The elephant appeared at a street in Kampung Lukut, Kota Tinggi and was captured on film by several locals. In the video, the elephant even began to charge towards the onlookers, causing quite a frenzy in the middle of the night.

Take a look…

One of the people present even pleaded for the elephant not to chase or harm them.

The video ends abruptly and it is unknown what actually became of the elephant and the onlookers.

It’s best to remember that if you encounter these wild creatures, do not approach them. While they are cute and fascinating, they’re still unpredictable animals that could potentially harm you.

When in doubt on what to do, call Perhilitan for assistance at 1-300-88-5151.