This Baby Elephant Tried To Hide Behind A Pole After It Was Caught Eating Sugarcane

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source: Pinterest

After it was caught munching on some sugarcane, a cheeky baby elephant tries to hide behind a narrow pole, believing as if no one could see it. When the locals shone a light on it, the baby elephant stood still hoping it wouldn’t be spotted.

The photo was originally shared on Facebook, with the caption that translates into: “Keep calm. Officers will see. Let’s continue eating sugarcane.” The photo has over 3k likes and 1k shares, and has spread across Twitter, Imgur and Reddit due to the elephant’s hilarious and cute act.

source: วีรวัฒน์ พรหมเมือง (Facebook)

Sugarcane is apparently one of this elephant’s favourite food and it would go to great lengths for a taste.

As the national animal for Thailand, elephants have been integral to Thai culture for many centuries. Elephants are protected and killing them carries a maximum jail time up to three years and a fine of 1,000 Baht (RM135).

However, elephants have become an endangered species since 1986 due to the rising number of elephant-human conflicts.

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