Wild Elephant Spotted Swimming Casually In A Lake At Terengganu National Park

Screenshots from Perhilitan’s video (source: Perhilitan Facebook)

There have been a lot of elephant sightings in Malaysia, from one of them stomping on someone’s car to a bunch of them just chilling and swimming around a lake.

It’s not surprising considering we have two species of them in Malaysia – the Asian elephant in the Peninsular and the Pygmy elephant in Borneo.

With 12 August being World Elephant Day, it’s time to spread awareness on the dangers these gentle giants are facing in our urban world and how we can ensure their survival, which is important to the whole ecosystem. Also, it’s a great time to share some fun facts about elephants so the public will be galvanised to protect our wildlife even more, which is exactly what Perhilitan did.

A Borneo Pygmy Elephant. source: World Wildlife Fund

In conjunction with the special day, the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) shared a video of an elephant swimming in Kenyir Lake at Terengganu National Park.

They also shared a fun fact about the world’s largest land mammals in the caption, explaining that elephants are great swimmers even though they have large bodies.

“Most of us might think that as soon as an elephant enters the water they would sink due to their large bodies. However, they’re actually great swimmers!

“While in the water, an elephant can swim and use its trunk to either dive in or breathe,” Perhilitan wrote in post‘s description.

Terengganu National Park is home to a diverse ecosystem consisting of elephants, birds, fishes and plethora of flora and fauna.

If you’re looking for some adventure time, you can visit the park and take up activities like jungle trekking, fishing, or just have a nice picnic and enjoy the beautiful view.